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ID 364143

Rolf Mathies


Co-founder of ConAction AG & Earlybird Venture Capital, worked @bain & Company, IBM. Essentialist and wannabe Philosopher

ID 165506

Bianca Steinke

International product manager / project lead for technical products & egineering projects, worked @overture, @yahoo @kabel-deutschland, @blau-mobilfunk. MBA

ID 51890

Daniela Hinrichs

Founder & CEO of Yellowdine Ventures. Early stage investor, company builder (@xing, Yellowdine), digital native, experienced & awarded communication professional

ID 413338

Christopher Pommerening


Venturepreneur & Founding Partner: @active-venture-partners, Co-founder: @foundum-s-l, @autoscout24 Spain,

ID 191850

Niels Jensen

Worked at @efficient-frontier, @google-doubleclick • Studied at @university-utrecht, @university-of-hildesheim

ID 112712

Philipp Schroeder


Founding Partner at @active-venture-partners

ID 367639

Miguel Parramon

Software developer, vim noob, bassist (sort of). Interested in the web, technology and human progress in general.

ID 346819

Aygul Zagidullina

Marketing & Community Manager @Todoist, Translator @swarovski @facebook @twitter @whatsapp. Previously: Google+ Community Manager @google. PhD Quantum Chemisty.

ID 118728

Christoph Schepan

Head of Engineering @wundercar • Worked at @ibm, @airbnb, @liquid-labs-2

ID 26355

Heiko Hubertz


Founder & CEO of @bigpoint

ID 157777

Stefan Frank

International Business Development @granify. Worked for @airbnb Germany and @trakken.

ID 38454

Linda Dannenberg


Investor in @groupon, @playhaven, Pulse (alphonso Labs), @yume, @angieslist, @kaufda-de, @myfab-com, @experteer, Friendbuy, @xango, @9flats, @sapato, @fastlane, @teamo...

ID 49501

Sönke Martens

Founder & Managing Director of @loftville. Worked at, @roland-berger, @siemens, @handelsblatt, Hamburgische Landesbank, Franchising Group Argentina.

ID 432497

Jan Borgstädt


Entrepreneur, Investor

ID 21628

Paul Jozefak


Rated as one of the 'Top 20 Most Influential EU Investors', which basically means I tweet and blog a lot. Running @liquid-labs-2 GmbH.

ID 30826

Nikolas Schoppmeier

Co-Founder at tadaa

ID 6990

Thomas Grota


Investment Director at @t-venture , Investor in @flaregames, @gini-gmbh , @numberfour-ag , @lookout , @intelligent-apps-mytaxi @6wunderkinder

ID 238974

Christian Kaul

MD @airbnb UK, Founder A Space For Art, Founder @groupon Australia, • PhD @university College London

ID 2894

Lars Hinrichs


Founder @xing, @hackfwd • Investor @fab-com, @flip4new

ID 78421

Stephan Wirries


VC Analyst @ventech

ID 79917

Inam Abbas

Sr. iOS Developer @cooperative Computing. I was Lead Developer at @swapmob, developed apps for big brands i.e Timberland, Gulf News. Earned BS (CS) from FUUAST.

ID 27162

Marcel Uhlemann


Managing partner at JCMB, a private seed investment company from Hamburg, Germany. Portfolio companies incl., and

ID 193841

Nenad V. Nikolić

Generalist sw dev. Strengths: API, web, search, recommendations, middleware Worked at @xing: search, API, OpenSocial Hacker, pattern-seeking animal, übergeek

ID 279888

Wolfram Grätz


CEO at Dynport GmbH

ID 10663

Johny Miric

Founder of Energy Clinic, wellness center in Atlantic Hotel Hamburg. Founder of Executive manager at @turtle-luck

ID 214565

Nikolaus Schedlbauer


ID 79194

Dirk Freise


Founder at Shortcut Ventures GmbH

ID 115899

Malte Barth


Entrepreneur and Advisor at Runway Capital

ID 3025

Sarik Weber


Founder and Board member @hanse-ventures. Partner Gmbet _ Full service Communities. Partner Carsablanca

ID 25050

Andre Vollbracht


Investor in @mt-performance, @captain-travel, @toptranslation, @adlocal, @venture-tv. MSc in Business and Information Science.

ID 154515

Chao Zhang

Co-Founder | President | CTO of ubi interactive inc. / @ubi-interactive / Human Computer Interaction, ex-Vodafone, ex-Siemens, ex-Philips, CDTM, TUM Alumnus

ID 213850

Sandra Fisher


ID 144772

Michael vom Sondern

Founder of nextel BI Solutions and minubo; 10+ years B2B Marketing & Sales experience

ID 209576

Daniel Kaesmacher

Co-founder & CMO of Lernstift, co-owner of Hamburg based ad agency, advertising merchant, conceptual copywriter (+10 years international brand experience)

ID 186729

Hass Chapman

Cofounder TORCH • BSc (Hons) Information Technology from Liverpool University. Wants to change the world. Learned a lot at Klarna!

ID 254104

Kay Röpke

Backend engineer, wide range of experience with todays technology stack

ID 183334

Philipp Baumgaertel

Started first spin-off and sold first company at 5-digit valuation in college, joined the awesome @pioneers-io team and now managing growth for @protonet

ID 186978

Sven Steinheißer

Founder mooiy, Señor Freelance Developer, Lead Developer, API Designer, Husband, Father, Awesome Open Water Diver

ID 418103

Thom Rasche


founded Miracor & EBS, Sold Zonare to Mindray and bmeye to Edwards

ID 233977

Jan Schwarzenberger

Love for great products & design!

ID 135662

Gunnar Froh


Founder in the Sharing Economy. Former Airbnb, McKinsey. Studied at WHU, Kellogg.

ID 652792

Adrian Korte

Nice guy, experienced in PR, CRM and media relations.

ID 345

Roberto Valerio

Founder of CloudSafe, Risk Ident. Web entrepreneur, tech addict with business skills. Generation C64, A500, Programming, Hacking - now into web technologies.

ID 485248

Sascha Rolfsen

Founder @homewhere, @taplab-gmbh

ID 585511

Simon Barkow-Oesterreicher

Founder Uberchord Engineering • Working at @eth-zurich-1. Studied CS at @university-of-hamburg. Passionate guitarist, pianist and singer. EduTech advocate.

ID 22777

Marcel Duee

Founder of @ubertweek-gmbh: Next-Gen Video Discovery

ID 192810

Carlo Matic

Carlo Blatz is now Carlo Matic! Founder of @i_Pioneers, @SUPR_COM, @hackfwd Referrer, Speaker, Entrepeneur, Angel

ID 813415

Thomas Stemmer

Dies Das

ID 75473

Marc-Michael Braun


Partner & Managing Director at TruVenturo

ID 67040

Burkhard Blum


Managing Partner bei BANDWith Venture Ltd.

ID 191265

Philipp Gloeckler

e-commerce/mobile consultant. trying to build technologies that make the world a better place. working on no. 3 ( & no. 4.

ID 9988

Sebastian Hoitz

Founder of @prismabox. Previously worked on IT projects for more than 8 years.

ID 287686

Jan Riedel

Founder Converate Consulting Group GmbH

ID 105924

Dominik Gyllensvärd


Associate Partner at diligenZ management consulting GmbH

ID 265054

Peter Kimmel

Founder of Body & Fitness, CEO of Star Service International, Founder of World of Success, Founder of I-CAN Systems, Founder of the 1st GREEN WORLD AWARDS

ID 601545

Daniel Dreier

Entrepreneur steadily embracing the adventure - Worked at @airbnb & @wundercar - Loves building communities!

ID 191765

Tim Giesler

Currently working on something new. Freelance Digital Art Director @TG/AD, Founder @goodtrip

ID 373301

Thomas Preuss


Germany based tech VC and passionate entrepreneur. Loving bikes, boats and sports.

ID 607142

Oliver Bock

ID 313058

Mathias Gerdt

Founder @taplab-gmbh, homewhere

ID 91191

Stephan Stubner


ID 807174

Martin Ott


MD Northern Europe @facebook , prior@ Moneybookers/Skrill, Jamba/Jamster

ID 29738

Louise Campbell

UX Research & Design

ID 212282

Sebastian Deterding

An aspiring architect in the cathedral of human understanding. Researcher & designer working on UX, games, gameful, playful and persuasive design.

ID 519664

Dennis Proppe

CTO and co-founder of big data analytics company G|Predictive. We make data-driven decision making easy and simple.

ID 95945

Nils Winkler

Executive Director at Otto Group

ID 302971

Ulf S. Baecker

#goingglobal evangelist, CEO usbaecker capital: co-investor in NXT GEN Global Startups, very rarely seed investments, passionate about impact investment

ID 519312

Björn Goerke

CEO and co-founder of big data analytics company G|Predictive. We data-driven decision making easy and simple.

ID 94099

martin rusch


ID 174342

Kenneth Block


ID 526720

Philippe Take

Founder G|Predictive

ID 88427

Mark Vaughn

Entrepreneur, netHacker, GamesMaster

ID 146814

Jens Hinrichs

CTO at loftville. Grown up with the web and transparent 1px gifs. Survived dot-com bubble. Married and father of 2 children.

ID 192316

Marc Boehm

Organizing IdeaLab! conference, VC Intern, helped to launch a restaurant chain, lived in Silicon Valley, passionate for Entrepreneurship, WHU Business student

ID 54903

John Grøtting

CEO and founder; combination of design, strategy and technical knowledge with over 20 years experience leading UX for top digital agencies in US and Germany.

ID 13798

Andreas Lenz


CEO & Co-Founder @t3n-magazine for Digital Business, Co-Founder @hardwrk-gmbh, Co-Initiator ConventionCamp, LEADER Award Winner, German Startup of the Year Jury

ID 171941

Tim Jaudszims


ID 125516



ID 98209

Hans-Rudolf Dicke


PhD in Chemistry. Frmly Bayer AG, McKinsey.

ID 139569


Co-founder @RYL!, Industry Analyst @google

ID 307249

David Schaerf

Founder @onelife-me Co-Founder @salz-brot-internet-gmbh-1 • Worked at @vodafone, @o2, @Bausch & Lomb, @sapientnitro • Studied at @bond-university, @london-metropolitan-university

ID 375165

Kay Schneider

real-time advertising specialist

ID 21971

Hendrik Beneke

Co-Founder & CTO at Buy For Work, a startup to improve all aspects of purchasing. Passionate about software development, product design, and entrepreneurship.

ID 214579

Rainer Markussen

Worked at Axel Springer, Gruner+ Jahr, PricewaterhouseCoopers

ID 41812

Marc Riemer

Founder and CEO of iptoX GmbH, serial entrepreneur since 2002, strong background in system engineering for ISPs

ID 48089

Emanuel Heinstein

Founder of social music startup, Syncofy™. Music industry professional, entrepreneur. Worked for WEA, Apple, MTV, Sony ATV and others...

ID 422

Sven Schmidt


ID 248523

Abdullah Gurcan

Worked at @onetwotrip-1, @hilton-hotels • Studied at @cornell-university

ID 75182

Konrad Gulla

Founder and CEO @keeeb-1 • Strong background as coder, designer and interactive conceptional thinker.

ID 645433

Roman Witasiak

Founder & CEO of Day Trader Box, 24 years of experience in the financial market, Cooperation with Deutsche Vermögensberstung AG, Day Trader between 1998 - 2009.

ID 365658

Jens Nolden


Managing Partner @ Parklane Capital , founded Pebble Entertainment, founded Lizard Enterprises, managed Evergreen Venture Fund

ID 127570

Artur Schlaht

Artur Schlaht (CEO) payever is responsible for the strategic orientation, finance and the business development. He studied at the University of Würzburg.

ID 214003

Tim von Toerne

Founder @cellity, @eyeprom • Worked at @skype, @nokia • Studied at @kellogg-school-of-management, @university-of-bamberg

ID 443917

Jan Wozniak

MBA graduate with valuable consulting, business and management knowledge experienced in working with startups.

ID 323657

Markus Turber

I am a designer and entrepreneur by heart | I love shaping design strategies for future products | Founder and managing partner of Intuity Media Lab

ID 640178

Freya Oehle

Founder • Studied at @kellogg-school-of-management, @whu • Worked at @mckinsey-company • German National Academic Merit Foundation

ID 551045

Laurens Spethmann

Co-Founder/COO Boston U. Venture Accelerator; Work at Crimson Hexagon; Startup Advisor

ID 355990

Felix Leonhardt

Founder in the consumer-goods industry with food products.

ID 342197

Jens Kudoke

sales dude

ID 517189

Patrick Klingberg

Founder @wirkungsvoll-gmbh • Worked at @artaxo-ag

ID 73469

David Fogel

Summer Intern at NEVEQ

ID 202996

Stefan Freudenberg

Founder Activore

ID 79710

David Horat

Chief Information Officer at @plocan. Worked at @cern and @ericsson. Lived in Spain, France, Germany and Switzerland. Software Engineer/Technical Leader.

ID 36659

Julian Hartmann

ID 268360

Nik Frank

Subscription Billing @ Reskribe, Company Builder at @liquid-labs-2.

ID 162760

Hendrik Kleinwaechter

Serial entrepreneur and techie. Founded @ordify-gmbh

ID 437696

Joe Ben Slimane

Founder of @leap-5

ID 182543

Karim Massini

Inter cultural competence. International: Affiliate, Display Ad, SEM, SEO, Mobile & Social Media focussing EUROPE & ARABIA Market Studied @university-of-hamburg

ID 96805

Wolfgang Wopperer

Co-Founder of @todayimade, @mindmatters and @betahaus-hamburg. Extensive experience in building software for startups, focusing on agile and iterative design.

ID 69197

Juergen Lankat

Bitcoin Enthusiast

ID 200571

Stephan Schmitz

Worked at @meetone,,, & more

ID 62858

Patrick Möller

Director Investor Relations

ID 174598

Michael Dohlen

Product Manager • Web & Mobile Startups • Built startups w/ @nova-founders and @hanse-ventures before

ID 302563

Masood Safdarian


Worked at @stb-media • Investor @the-walt-disney-company, @pixar-animation-studios • Studied at @school-of-visual-arts

ID 194956

Leo Marose

Founder of e-commerce and media projects, e-strategy consultant, growth hacker, experience with corporates & startups, highly motivated and skilled

ID 321651

Jan Sapper

European Business School London MA, managed the MacDock and raised $54k on Kickstarter.

ID 289509

Johannes Heinen

COO/Head of New Markets @ NetVacation, Monetization Manager @ GoodGame Studios, Entrepreneur in Residence @ TruVenturo

ID 105043

Fabian Gebert

Startup Manager for Enterprise Startups

ID 265792

Nataly Cnyrim-Kimmel

Founder & President of I-CAN Systems, International Designer and Artist for more than 2 decades. Worked for the Prince Albert & Gorbachev Foundations. Had the initial Kick off idea for I-CAN Systems.

ID 531748

Nikolaus Thomale

Founder & CEO • Former COO at @luxodo, worked @dailydeal, @freshfields-bruckhaus-deringer, @montblanc • Studied at @tel-aviv-university, @bucerius-law-school

ID 171646

Julian Vester

Founder @elbdudler, @quote-fm

ID 694500

Balazs Bodoni

Strong working knowledge of renewables, strategy development, PM, analytics. Exceptional business background (sales, BPM, consulting, quality).MIT + AU MSc/MBA.

ID 349037

Jürgen Brandt

ID 393731

Jörn Steinz

ID 782560

Jens Loff


Invested in Mongoo, Founded Ramboll Con y 2000, sold as 100 consultant company y 2005; co-founded Nordlicht Cons y 2009; co-Founded Nordlicht IT Cons y 2011

ID 187842

Aki Fukai

fulltime freelance interaction & UX designer undressing ideas, websites and businesses to build beautiful and useful digital experiences.

ID 410290

Oliver Rößling

founded,,; Member of the Board at Absolute Software GmbH; interested in tech, innovation, A.I. & robotics

ID 76778

Christoph Gaschler

CEO and Co-Founder of @clipflip. Co-Founded Beaufort Media and @pictorama.

ID 200919

Dionysis Lorentzos

Mobile / Full-stack Developer

ID 466169

Florian Hollender

Strategic Consultant for the media industry at SCHICKLER. Enthusiast for people & technology. Dad. All views my own.

ID 455252

Nico Scagliarini

Dynamic, Multilingual, Traveller, Multitasking

ID 576376

Peter Roberts

Worked at @studio-xo, @ocado • Studied at @imperial-college-london-1

ID 202196

Marco Buhlmann

Dedicated, internationally-educated entrepreneur and business developer specialized in high growth, technology driven companies.

ID 827161

Lukas Loers

Experience 3 years Senior Consultant in Integration& Separation Services, Trilingual German/French/English,

ID 412922

Carlos Borges

Founder @triprebel . Marketing & branding @colgate-palmolive. MBA Int'l Marketing @european-school-of-business. DAAD Alumni. Travelled 5 continents.

ID 28125

Torsten Oppermann

Twittering about Social Media, Gaming and more. Entrepreneur, Gamer, Biz Angel, Traveller, owner, Foodie, Social Media addict.

ID 238419

Jens Beckmann

B.Sc. in Computer Science and Business Management

ID 285418

Vlad Christoff

Co-founder & CEO @motobidia, Head of Product & Operations @ngp-van-inc Automotive, eCommerce, SaaS, mobile, big data & CRM.

ID 468019

Christoph Giffey

Founder at @borderguru . IT and business background. Worked at @siemens , @yahoo , @aol . MBA candidate at @manchester-business-school-mbs .

ID 782863

Béla J. Anda

ID 504071

Can Sen


Founder YEXNO | Simplicity I like to create ideas. This one is the first i put in a App. Took me 3 Months to Manage this via Email with 2 Indian Developers.

ID 281510

Adam Bhakrani

Master student at University of Hamburg; Worked at Ernst & Young, Hamburg Port Authority and Lunar GmbH

ID 249411

Javier Venegas

Mobile developer at Google

ID 412945

Gernot G. Supp

Founder @triprebel • Worked at @university-of-technology-graz, @max-planck-institute-for-human-cognitive-and-brain-sciences • Studied at @karl-franzens-university

ID 168959

Dominik Reisig

ID 126537

Thomas Ahle Jehn

Actionable with aim at long-lasting value and sustainable solutions. @id Consult @Nova-Founders-Capital • MSc Innovation & Biz Dev. @Copenhagen-Business-School

ID 413812

Arthur Kullnig

Founder @triprebel, @itzone

ID 426787

Maximilian Seeburg

Worked at @rocket-internet , @bain-company , @piper-jaffray, @neuhaus-partner-gmbh Studied at @university of St Andrews

ID 132441

KP Frahm

Intrapreneur, inhaling 1s, exhaling 0s

ID 640201

Tobias Kempkensteffen

Founder • Studied at @university-of-paderborn

ID 584332

Dr. Johannes Hartz

Computer scientist (Ph.D.) specialised in data mining, algorithms and machine learning. Last position "Head of Research & Development" @ContentFleet GmbH.

ID 649747

Sebastian Vorberg

Health Law

ID 242881

Sebastian Pleschko

Physics Master, Converted to PHP Dev, Full Stack Engineer with Team Lead capabilities and love for DevOps

ID 171498

Jan-Hendrik Dörlitz

Founder @hanseatic-brokerhouse-securities-ag, @hanseatic-brokerhouse-financial-services-gmbh

ID 229007

Tom Lesmana

Founder @hassleoff, WAMP - Where Are My People Inc.

ID 431275

Sebastian Graf

ID 98998

Bernd Jünger

works with some agile folks, was CTO of a startup, has done eCommerce for a long time

ID 128249

Sebastian Loch

Entrepreneurship - Start-up Consulting - Business Development

ID 775013

Rémi Rousseau-Delévaux

ESCP Europe (French business School, Master in Management), first experience for the Start-Up Shoutr in Berlin and now doing an internship at Société Générale

ID 590401

James Dassoulas

ID 653852

Valeria Di Guardo

ID 807080

Thorben Schröder

Founder METAFOTO GmbH • Worked at @engine-yard, @wundercar • Studied at @university-of-bremen

ID 120498


Chief Driver & co-founder at taxishare. Walk the talk.

ID 264475

Jan-Philipp Jacobsen

Co-Founder Goodtrip. Wants to make the world less complicated instead of talking about it. Understands things.

ID 377079

Felicitas Hackmann

Human being, communication (on- & offline), getting good people on one table.

ID 592536

Andreas Ernst

Worked at @holcim, @swissport • Studied at @zurich-university-of-applied-sciences-zhaw

ID 807383

Benjamin Tange

Founder @metafoto , MD @iprospect-1, MD @uniquedigital, Founder @mobiloco, Director marketplace, BizDev @premieremedien

ID 873995

Axel Theilmann

CS degree; Hardware Hacker and Maker; Embedded systems & firmware engineer, Agile HW prototyping

ID 111272

Nikolai Roth

CEO & Founder at ImCheck24 GmbH

ID 591842

Dane Lamendola II

ID 710374

Andrea Uecker

Creative, entrepreneural self-starter with a passion of business model innovation, Strategy, Social Media Management, Marketing and Business Developement

ID 29032

Danny P.

ID 132394

Nicole Beholz

Fashion designer and student of business administration. Background in non-profit work and sustainable entrepreneurship.

ID 35720

Anne Arndt

ID 727482

Simon Mayrshofer

Mobile Developer. Studied Joint Degree @ University of Edinburgh (2013). Working part time in Hamburg based tech company; running other projects on the side.

ID 573418

Alexander Croll

BSc Int. Mgmt for Business & IT; works at IBM, SAP Business Analytics; interested in: Consulting, Entrepreneurship, Business Development (with IT background)

ID 749482

Hendrik Hoosemans

Solid background from Enterprise to Start up Companies in EMEA and APAC

ID 863939

Anna Tarasova

Experienced Telecom and IT manager with strong technical background (MSc - Networking, BSc -Computer Science). Launched number of nationalwide telecom projects

ID 19498

Alexander Czernay

ID 413466

Jonas Tebbe

Co-Founder of @owlhub // Studying Business Management and Computer Science at FH Nordakademie // finance and web development afficionado

ID 132908

Valentin Heyde

story architect, food lover, tech enthusiast, father, photographer and founder of Three-Headed Monkeys - a strategic storytelling consultancy

ID 96251

Michael Pletziger

Managing Director @ @ubilabs in Hamburg, Germany. Fascinated by Location Based Apps and Services.

ID 301270

Christopher Murach

Founder @zupply

ID 688035

Wolf-D. Langemeyer

ID 587949

andreas popp

Founder @opentrips. Strong background in interaction and visual design. Degree from College of Fine Arts, University of NSW, Sydney

ID 543080


ID 30225

Nils Regge


Investor in @wirwinzer-de, @finanzcheck-de, @beaufort-media-com.

ID 681791

Omri Erez

ID 384573

Nishal Dayal Mahtani

ID 703308

Albert Buchatskyy

Xlazz (co-founder), JImdo GmbH, Spezawtomatika Ltd, Forex Company

ID 282008

Stefan Wiskemann


Founded (later QXLricardo plc, now tradus), co-invested in, kissnofrog, mendeley, cliplister, Deposit Solutions. Member of IC at eVenture Capital Partners

ID 662744

Yasin Sebastian Qureshi


Founder and CEO of Varengold. Bank

ID 637574

Hilko Aikens

I am the founder of ADDACT.

ID 869919

Marc Thormählen

ID 806921

Heiner Wacks

Entrepreneur, Ex-Airbnb, WunderCar and Bosch Operations Manager, Electronic Musician, Lemon Icecream Addict.

ID 535934

David Beermann

#designer #developer #digitalmedia #art #design #technology #creativecoding

ID 835191

Konrad Pietrzak

ID 821719

Marcel Semmler

Enthusiast and evangelist at the interface between product, marketing and technology. MBA. Media Management B.A.

ID 499884

Laurent Schüller

ID 552225

Mikula Jung

WHU Master Student in Business & Law, semester in St. Gallen, New York, Stellenbosch. Business background at BCG, etc. Leadership experience inconsulting clubs.

ID 793028

Laura Neises

Consultant holding a project management certificate with 2 years experience in leading international strategy & business improvement projects.

ID 786976

David Braun

I am David, 26 and a QA-Engineer from Germany. A friend of mine got me to watch, where I feel in love with the Start-Up Scene.

ID 310011

Bartholomäus Grzywna

ID 111652

Jan Tammen

Founder @zupply

ID 794309

Bartłomiej Sadaj

User Interface Designer/Allrounder. 10 years experience in agencies, start ups & freelance work. Worked for big brands like:Lays, Ecco, Acer, Unilever, T-Mobile

ID 649774

Aubrey Mnisi

Founder Data-Set Connection GmbH

ID 713349

Hikmat Tubaileh

Co-Founder @royal-madina-1 , Medical Consultant

ID 352488

Alexander Wessels

Founder of fabvoice. Business developement manager at major online bank. Consulting experience. International experience in USA and India

ID 397596

Gordon P.

ID 630588

Fiona Brandes

ID 665950

Carsten Hengstmann

I am in charge of ADDACT’s business and financial planning, the cash and the controlling of the operational figures.

ID 776620

Eduard Kvanka

Founder Mongoo, @nordlicht-management-consultants • Studied at @technical-university-of-kosice

ID 620190

Ieva Strupule

Corporate Sales professional, Project Manager in IT, Finance and Due Diligence related fields

ID 713356

Naim Akbar

CEO @royal-madina-1

ID 787370

Clifford Sartori

Media Marketing / Management Professional

ID 215253

Lennart Lott

Entrepreneur - Developer - Designer

ID 498476

Mathias Maul

Aspiring Content Therapist, transpiring dad. Sometimes golf mentalist. Always linguist. Lover of the interrobang. Don’t call me Darth.

ID 782453

Florian Klemt

Founder and CEO of Shelfz. Degree in Computer Science from Hamburg University of Technology. Passionate about technology and entrepreneurship.

ID 784884

Jan Remek

ID 502288

Hosam Yousef

CEO of Colorgeek .. Art Director .. UI Designer

ID 111659

Nils Neubauer

Founder of, • Worked at @pokerstars-com

ID 364318

Ana Cristina Agüero

Founder brightup GmbH

ID 705048

Hugo Tavares Reis

CS and networks background, spent the last years improving tooling, making scalable systems and solving nontrivial problems.

ID 715808

Trevor R. Cape

ID 720864

Niko Schotte

Founder of @ewendo

ID 763476

Patrick Schmeißer

ID 782529

Martin Noemm

ID 809165

Nikas C. Günther

Founder WHO CARES, @klinkenwechsel • Worked at @luxodo, @aumago-com • Studied at @dfi-hamburg

ID 288444

Leo Feiler

CEO of liveagents, Partner of asl solar. 11 years of international marketing experience from the agencies side for global companies as GE, Pfizer, Roche...

ID 823653

Conrad Krause


some random coder from germany. :P

ID 829342

John Carter

ID 683744

Sandra Günther

Student of humane discipline, Generalist, projectmanager, strong communication skills, creative and highly motivated

ID 699548

Ahmed Elsafty

ID 813330

Wladislav Cugunov

Economical A-Level student in Hamburg. Advanced NLP usability. Writer of brucetastic blog. quick learner. Occasional pickup coach. Wise in decisions.

ID 657446

Alexei Kovalev

Online Marketing Manager by Panna Cotta GmbH in Hamburg. Working on SEO, SEM and Affiliate Marketing.

ID 671536

Tom Krüger

B.A. 'Film & TV' student; experienced in European/German Film/TV production; Worked for several German media companies; Highly interested in Online-Video

ID 691167

Kirill Ruhl

ID 825751

Greg Ross


Information Technology professional and investor

ID 850683

Marco Pacifico

Founder and CEO of Frame Studios. Over 17 years experience in the Videogames Industry.

ID 506


ID 674366

Marc Kwasi Kpe Hollweg

marketing expert

ID 744834

Christian Mees


Founded the Funders Club in Germany.

ID 627467

Andrej Matijevic Pixi

ID 585437

Niclas Braun

Founder of MyFood. Worked at Porsche and Realtime Technology. I want to build something from the ground up!

ID 658332

Oliver Welge

Running a Dev-Shop in Germany, Mentor for 16 Startups in Europe, Founder and CTO @snapmobl, started my first company at the age of 18.

ID 627682

Andrej Matijevic

Eight years of developing .Net applications on different platforms and solutions Three years of professional working for clients like Microsoft, McDonald

ID 552215

Florian Lehmann


Consultant, Investment Manager for a german FO

ID 495579

Olivier Elamine

CEO of alstria a German office property company listed in Frankfurt. Tech enthusiaste

ID 446786

Michail Slobodskoi

I'm a software developer, database development, sql server, .net, entity framework, devexpress, reporting...

ID 488726

Mara Peel

Founder hoojoo UG

ID 877147

Caine Förster


ID 530188



About to found!

ID 560163

Felix Schneider


ID 450303

Yidan Chen


Founder Malataba

ID 485776

Danijela Nandi

Product enthusiast, loves building things, interdisciplinary work and good sense of humor

ID 489418

Marc Kadish

Lead a product team at Germany's biggest professional network XING. Previously 10 yrs in London where I got m MBA and worked for ITV and Channel 4.

ID 880737

Marcus Ficner

ID 451967

Melka Steen

ID 868001

Anna Kunad

Business Psychologist, looking for Sales/Marketing/Product Mgmt. roles ideally in Berlin. Fields of strong interest: Health/Psychology/Big Data

ID 456089

Christoph Pfeiffer


Former intelligence officer, I attended to West Point, now I own a company that does services for power plants. I have a PhD in economics and my passion is data analysis.

ID 446101

Erwin Jurtschitsch


Shareholder at Ricardo AG in the first round Managing Director Germany for the PE –Company ETF Group with investments in Commerce One and Fantastic Corp. and also Memscape Adviser of RMF Group (Hedge Funds) Founded EJ Ventures AG and Nanoventure AG

ID 597198

Dave Brotherstone

Developer. Notepad++ Plugin Manager and Python Script author. Git fan.

ID 404236

Blundstone Osterberger

strategist, tinkerer.

ID 417799

Giuseppe Melillo

CEO of Osiome, engineer. Passionate in music and technology. Strong music, IT and project management background.

ID 338640

Dr. Christian Betz

VP [email protected], clojure hacker, data visualizer, AI aficionado, father

ID 214234

Martin Stoll

As a founder of mindworks, a Hamburg based web development company I'm excited to bear the challenges of automatic eBook creation along with eBooks in Motion.

ID 280597

Pedro Narciso García Revington

Senior web developer, interested in high scalability problems.

ID 285246

Ninnaya Nilamann

An experienced digital designer & realiable teamworker who creates beautiful and functional UI. Loves new challenges and spending time polishing small details.

ID 376575

Pedram Moghaddam

ID 240205

Dennis Ruske

Product Manager @statista

ID 302942

Joachim Eckerlin

ID 203527

Robert Rowe

son • brother • husband • dad • friend • entrepreneur • traveler & well versed in many facets of life, yet still in the midst of it!

ID 375289

Adi Molina von Ahn

Adolfo (Adi) Molina von Ahn | Systems Engineer, Lead Developer

ID 265928

Sebastian Burghardt

Designer & Entrepreneur

ID 204420

Jan Kube

Founder @fibooo-1 • loves accounting and coding • Worked at, TC Trustcenter, IMP (Tomorrow Focus), Lyreco

ID 324568

Alexander Hoepker

ID 439285

Robert Kowalski

JS Unconf Curator, npm contributor, Jimdo Dev

ID 307103

Jo Dethlefs


ID 406124

Virgilio Lino

ID 411419

Torben Simon Meier

Founder & CEO @AppClouds #Developer @gutado #TechGeek #Startup-Mentor #Entrepreneur #Apple-friend #Lean Startup Consulting

ID 400658

Ignasi Surroca

Advertising & Tech

ID 373078

Andrea Fischer

Enthusiasm for media and international markets; Media expertise: digital and international marketing; Digital Publishing - eMagazine; Project and process management

ID 64617

Grupo Internet24

E-commerce start-up factory that operates an execution platform with extensive in-house capabilities to builds disruptive internet companies from scratch.

ID 185243

Johannes Bouchain

ID 107344


German student studying in the Netherlands Design & Technology. With ambitions to timeless Designs, coffee, health and sports.

ID 94005

Davide Milidolo Ragusa

Neo-graduated with emphasis of Advertising and Mass Media. Worked at Credem Bank, MaxMara Fashion Group and @stipple. Interested in graphics and gamification.

ID 124999

Phillip Oertel

Ruby on Rails Developer, prev. also worked as CTO and Scrum Master. Agile, pragmatic, experienced, good comunicator, always learning.

ID 202723

Moritz Achterfeld


ID 102168

Linda Dettmann

Concept Management at Otto (GmbH & Co KG)

ID 85473

Michael Quitsch

Just have a look at

ID 135703

Marius Schmeding

Founder of @bootschaft-net. Focus on sustainable Software Development. Strong CollCons background.

ID 90240


Team Member of hagberry

ID 96287


Freelancing iOS Application Developer. Worked at/for myTaxi, Jung von Matt, Adamasvision, Pictorama, Cellular GmbH.

ID 429742

Hanno Decken

Founder @tolingo • Studied at @fh-wedel

ID 66548

Toralf Feuchtenhofer

ID 100813

Pierre Manière

| Co-Founder @bootschaft-net. | Help people do great things + have fun. | Bring in the thoughts, analyze the storm, shorten the time table + do it.

ID 147361

Andreas Syska-Funk

ID 58595

Michael Daum

CEO of MDC, Member of the Board at Foswiki Association e.V., Core developer of Foswiki

ID 170538

Nicolas Kittner

Advertising and startups. And mistakes. A lot of mistakes. Founder of @LABELit_cc and Creative Director at @liquidcampaign.

ID 582889

Nils Schlomann

Software Architect, Co-founder @five

ID 91327

Ivo Naske

Industrial Product Design (BE) student at Fontys in Netherlands with a minor in Entrepreneurship at Sussex University in GB. Son of Entrepreneurial parents.

ID 144823

Thomas Stemmer

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