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ID 367639

Miguel Parramon

Software developer, vim noob, bassist (sort of). Interested in the web, technology and human progress in general.

ID 202996

Stefan Freudenberg

Founder Activore

ID 413812

Arthur Kullnig

Founder @triprebel, @itzone

ID 21971

Hendrik Beneke

Co-Founder & CTO at Buy For Work, a startup to improve all aspects of purchasing. Passionate about software development, product design, and entrepreneurship.

ID 313058

Mathias Gerdt

Founder @taplab-gmbh, homewhere

ID 193841

Nenad V. Nikolić

Generalist sw dev. Strengths: API, web, search, recommendations, middleware Worked at @xing: search, API, OpenSocial Hacker, pattern-seeking animal, übergeek

ID 249411

Javier Venegas

Mobile developer at Google

ID 88427

Mark Vaughn

Entrepreneur, netHacker, GamesMaster

ID 139569


Co-founder @RYL!, Industry Analyst @google

ID 485248

Sascha Rolfsen

Founder @homewhere, @taplab-gmbh

ID 238419

Jens Beckmann

B.Sc. in Computer Science and Business Management

ID 694500

Balazs Bodoni

Strong working knowledge of renewables, strategy development, PM, analytics. Exceptional business background (sales, BPM, consulting, quality).MIT + AU MSc/MBA.

ID 154515

Chao Zhang

Co-Founder | President | CTO of ubi interactive inc. / @ubi-interactive / Human Computer Interaction, ex-Vodafone, ex-Siemens, ex-Philips, CDTM, TUM Alumnus

ID 242881

Sebastian Pleschko

Physics Master, Converted to PHP Dev, Full Stack Engineer with Team Lead capabilities and love for DevOps

ID 200919

Dionysis Lorentzos

Mobile / Full-stack Developer

ID 79917

Inam Abbas

Sr. iOS Developer @cooperative Computing. I was Lead Developer at @swapmob, developed apps for big brands i.e Timberland, Gulf News. Earned BS (CS) from FUUAST.

ID 105043

Fabian Gebert

Startup Manager for Enterprise Startups

ID 146814

Jens Hinrichs

CTO at loftville. Grown up with the web and transparent 1px gifs. Survived dot-com bubble. Married and father of 2 children.

ID 98998

Bernd Jünger

works with some agile folks, was CTO of a startup, has done eCommerce for a long time

ID 254104

Kay Röpke

Backend engineer, wide range of experience with todays technology stack

ID 200571

Stephan Schmitz

Worked at @meetone,,, & more

ID 691167

Kirill Ruhl

ID 302942

Joachim Eckerlin

ID 135703

Marius Schmeding

Founder of @bootschaft-net. Focus on sustainable Software Development. Strong CollCons background.

ID 124999

Phillip Oertel

Ruby on Rails Developer, prev. also worked as CTO and Scrum Master. Agile, pragmatic, experienced, good comunicator, always learning.

ID 627682

Andrej Matijevic

Eight years of developing .Net applications on different platforms and solutions Three years of professional working for clients like Microsoft, McDonald

ID 880737

Marcus Ficner

ID 446786

Michail Slobodskoi

I'm a software developer, database development, sql server, .net, entity framework, devexpress, reporting...

ID 699548

Ahmed Elsafty

ID 411419

Torben Simon Meier

Founder & CEO @AppClouds #Developer @gutado #TechGeek #Startup-Mentor #Entrepreneur #Apple-friend #Lean Startup Consulting

ID 413466

Jonas Tebbe

Co-Founder of @owlhub // Studying Business Management and Computer Science at FH Nordakademie // finance and web development afficionado

ID 240205

Dennis Ruske

Product Manager @statista

ID 873995

Axel Theilmann

CS degree; Hardware Hacker and Maker; Embedded systems & firmware engineer, Agile HW prototyping

ID 204420

Jan Kube

Founder @fibooo-1 • loves accounting and coding • Worked at, TC Trustcenter, IMP (Tomorrow Focus), Lyreco

ID 280597

Pedro Narciso García Revington

Senior web developer, interested in high scalability problems.

ID 649774

Aubrey Mnisi

Founder Data-Set Connection GmbH

ID 375289

Adi Molina von Ahn

Adolfo (Adi) Molina von Ahn | Systems Engineer, Lead Developer

ID 429742

Hanno Decken

Founder @tolingo • Studied at @fh-wedel

ID 96287


Freelancing iOS Application Developer. Worked at/for myTaxi, Jung von Matt, Adamasvision, Pictorama, Cellular GmbH.

ID 439285

Robert Kowalski

JS Unconf Curator, npm contributor, Jimdo Dev

ID 215253

Lennart Lott

Entrepreneur - Developer - Designer

ID 705048

Hugo Tavares Reis

CS and networks background, spent the last years improving tooling, making scalable systems and solving nontrivial problems.

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