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ID 573418

Alexander Croll

BSc Int. Mgmt for Business & IT; works at IBM, SAP Business Analytics; interested in: Consulting, Entrepreneurship, Business Development (with IT background)

ID 787370

Clifford Sartori

Media Marketing / Management Professional

ID 126537

Thomas Ahle Jehn

Actionable with aim at long-lasting value and sustainable solutions. @id Consult @Nova-Founders-Capital • MSc Innovation & Biz Dev. @Copenhagen-Business-School

ID 620190

Ieva Strupule

Corporate Sales professional, Project Manager in IT, Finance and Due Diligence related fields

ID 281510

Adam Bhakrani

Master student at University of Hamburg; Worked at Ernst & Young, Hamburg Port Authority and Lunar GmbH

ID 157777

Stefan Frank

International Business Development @granify. Worked for @airbnb Germany and @trakken.

ID 397596

Gordon P.

ID 6990

Thomas Grota


Investment Director at @t-venture , Investor in @flaregames, @gini-gmbh , @numberfour-ag , @lookout , @intelligent-apps-mytaxi @6wunderkinder

ID 182543

Karim Massini

Inter cultural competence. International: Affiliate, Display Ad, SEM, SEO, Mobile & Social Media focussing EUROPE & ARABIA Market Studied @university-of-hamburg

ID 806921

Heiner Wacks

Entrepreneur, Ex-Airbnb, WunderCar and Bosch Operations Manager, Electronic Musician, Lemon Icecream Addict.

ID 120498


Chief Driver & co-founder at taxishare. Walk the talk.

ID 863939

Anna Tarasova

Experienced Telecom and IT manager with strong technical background (MSc - Networking, BSc -Computer Science). Launched number of nationalwide telecom projects

ID 793028

Laura Neises

Consultant holding a project management certificate with 2 years experience in leading international strategy & business improvement projects.

ID 674366

Marc Kwasi Kpe Hollweg

marketing expert

ID 349037

Jürgen Brandt

ID 749482

Hendrik Hoosemans

Solid background from Enterprise to Start up Companies in EMEA and APAC

ID 238419

Jens Beckmann

B.Sc. in Computer Science and Business Management

ID 194956

Leo Marose

Founder of e-commerce and media projects, e-strategy consultant, growth hacker, experience with corporates & startups, highly motivated and skilled

ID 144772

Michael vom Sondern

Founder of nextel BI Solutions and minubo; 10+ years B2B Marketing & Sales experience

ID 342197

Jens Kudoke

sales dude

ID 355990

Felix Leonhardt

Founder in the consumer-goods industry with food products.

ID 694500

Balazs Bodoni

Strong working knowledge of renewables, strategy development, PM, analytics. Exceptional business background (sales, BPM, consulting, quality).MIT + AU MSc/MBA.

ID 552225

Mikula Jung

WHU Master Student in Business & Law, semester in St. Gallen, New York, Stellenbosch. Business background at BCG, etc. Leadership experience inconsulting clubs.

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