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ID 157777

Stefan Frank

International Business Development @granify. Worked for @airbnb Germany and @trakken.

ID 443917

Jan Wozniak

MBA graduate with valuable consulting, business and management knowledge experienced in working with startups.

ID 321651

Jan Sapper

European Business School London MA, managed the MacDock and raised $54k on Kickstarter.

ID 238419

Jens Beckmann

B.Sc. in Computer Science and Business Management

ID 6990

Thomas Grota


Investment Director at @t-venture , Investor in @flaregames, @gini-gmbh , @numberfour-ag , @lookout , @intelligent-apps-mytaxi @6wunderkinder

ID 377079

Felicitas Hackmann

Human being, communication (on- & offline), getting good people on one table.

ID 200919

Dionysis Lorentzos

Mobile / Full-stack Developer

ID 517189

Patrick Klingberg

Founder @wirkungsvoll-gmbh • Worked at @artaxo-ag

ID 182543

Karim Massini

Inter cultural competence. International: Affiliate, Display Ad, SEM, SEO, Mobile & Social Media focussing EUROPE & ARABIA Market Studied @university-of-hamburg

ID 412922

Carlos Borges

Founder @triprebel . Marketing & branding @colgate-palmolive. MBA Int'l Marketing @european-school-of-business. DAAD Alumni. Travelled 5 continents.

ID 132908

Valentin Heyde

story architect, food lover, tech enthusiast, father, photographer and founder of Three-Headed Monkeys - a strategic storytelling consultancy

ID 194956

Leo Marose

Founder of e-commerce and media projects, e-strategy consultant, growth hacker, experience with corporates & startups, highly motivated and skilled

ID 209576

Daniel Kaesmacher

Co-founder & CMO of Lernstift, co-owner of Hamburg based ad agency, advertising merchant, conceptual copywriter (+10 years international brand experience)

ID 863939

Anna Tarasova

Experienced Telecom and IT manager with strong technical background (MSc - Networking, BSc -Computer Science). Launched number of nationalwide telecom projects

ID 710374

Andrea Uecker

Creative, entrepreneural self-starter with a passion of business model innovation, Strategy, Social Media Management, Marketing and Business Developement

ID 120498


Chief Driver & co-founder at taxishare. Walk the talk.

ID 607142

Oliver Bock

ID 573418

Alexander Croll

BSc Int. Mgmt for Business & IT; works at IBM, SAP Business Analytics; interested in: Consulting, Entrepreneurship, Business Development (with IT background)

ID 652792

Adrian Korte

Nice guy, experienced in PR, CRM and media relations.

ID 375165

Kay Schneider

real-time advertising specialist

ID 793028

Laura Neises

Consultant holding a project management certificate with 2 years experience in leading international strategy & business improvement projects.

ID 657446

Alexei Kovalev

Online Marketing Manager by Panna Cotta GmbH in Hamburg. Working on SEO, SEM and Affiliate Marketing.

ID 813330

Wladislav Cugunov

Economical A-Level student in Hamburg. Advanced NLP usability. Writer of brucetastic blog. quick learner. Occasional pickup coach. Wise in decisions.

ID 90240


Team Member of hagberry

ID 400658

Ignasi Surroca

Advertising & Tech

ID 240205

Dennis Ruske

Product Manager @statista

ID 877147

Caine Förster


ID 498476

Mathias Maul

Aspiring Content Therapist, transpiring dad. Sometimes golf mentalist. Always linguist. Lover of the interrobang. Don’t call me Darth.

ID 806921

Heiner Wacks

Entrepreneur, Ex-Airbnb, WunderCar and Bosch Operations Manager, Electronic Musician, Lemon Icecream Addict.

ID 787370

Clifford Sartori

Media Marketing / Management Professional

ID 288444

Leo Feiler

CEO of liveagents, Partner of asl solar. 11 years of international marketing experience from the agencies side for global companies as GE, Pfizer, Roche...

ID 488726

Mara Peel

Founder hoojoo UG

ID 307103

Jo Dethlefs


ID 552225

Mikula Jung

WHU Master Student in Business & Law, semester in St. Gallen, New York, Stellenbosch. Business background at BCG, etc. Leadership experience inconsulting clubs.

ID 821719

Marcel Semmler

Enthusiast and evangelist at the interface between product, marketing and technology. MBA. Media Management B.A.

ID 868001

Anna Kunad

Business Psychologist, looking for Sales/Marketing/Product Mgmt. roles ideally in Berlin. Fields of strong interest: Health/Psychology/Big Data

ID 364318

Ana Cristina Agüero

Founder brightup GmbH

ID 683744

Sandra Günther

Student of humane discipline, Generalist, projectmanager, strong communication skills, creative and highly motivated

ID 809165

Nikas C. Günther

Founder WHO CARES, @klinkenwechsel • Worked at @luxodo, @aumago-com • Studied at @dfi-hamburg

ID 301270

Christopher Murach

Founder @zupply

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