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ID 185243

Johannes Bouchain

ID 582889

Nils Schlomann

Software Architect, Co-founder @five

ID 193841

Nenad V. Nikolić

Generalist sw dev. Strengths: API, web, search, recommendations, middleware Worked at @xing: search, API, OpenSocial Hacker, pattern-seeking animal, übergeek

ID 58595

Michael Daum

CEO of MDC, Member of the Board at Foswiki Association e.V., Core developer of Foswiki

ID 240205

Dennis Ruske

Product Manager @statista

ID 162760

Hendrik Kleinwaechter

Serial entrepreneur and techie. Founded @ordify-gmbh

ID 96805

Wolfgang Wopperer

Co-Founder of @todayimade, @mindmatters and @betahaus-hamburg. Extensive experience in building software for startups, focusing on agile and iterative design.

ID 79710

David Horat

Chief Information Officer at @plocan. Worked at @cern and @ericsson. Lived in Spain, France, Germany and Switzerland. Software Engineer/Technical Leader.

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