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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Hamburg.

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ID 517189

Patrick Klingberg

Founder @wirkungsvoll-gmbh • Worked at @artaxo-ag

ID 323657

Markus Turber

I am a designer and entrepreneur by heart | I love shaping design strategies for future products | Founder and managing partner of Intuity Media Lab

ID 2894

Lars Hinrichs


Founder @xing, @hackfwd • Investor @fab-com, @flip4new

ID 171498

Jan-Hendrik Dörlitz

Founder @hanseatic-brokerhouse-securities-ag, @hanseatic-brokerhouse-financial-services-gmbh

ID 13798

Andreas Lenz


CEO & Co-Founder @t3n-magazine for Digital Business, Co-Founder @hardwrk-gmbh, Co-Initiator ConventionCamp, LEADER Award Winner, German Startup of the Year Jury

ID 466169

Florian Hollender

Strategic Consultant for the media industry at SCHICKLER. Enthusiast for people & technology. Dad. All views my own.

ID 132441

KP Frahm

Intrapreneur, inhaling 1s, exhaling 0s

ID 100813

Pierre Manière

| Co-Founder @bootschaft-net. | Help people do great things + have fun. | Bring in the thoughts, analyze the storm, shorten the time table + do it.

ID 238974

Christian Kaul

MD @airbnb UK, Founder A Space For Art, Founder @groupon Australia, • PhD @university College London

ID 73469

David Fogel

Summer Intern at NEVEQ

ID 713349

Hikmat Tubaileh

Co-Founder @royal-madina-1 , Medical Consultant

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