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ID 98998

Bernd Jünger

works with some agile folks, was CTO of a startup, has done eCommerce for a long time

ID 794309

Bartłomiej Sadaj

User Interface Designer/Allrounder. 10 years experience in agencies, start ups & freelance work. Worked for big brands like:Lays, Ecco, Acer, Unilever, T-Mobile

ID 485248

Sascha Rolfsen

Founder @homewhere, @taplab-gmbh

ID 191765

Tim Giesler

Currently working on something new. Freelance Digital Art Director @TG/AD, Founder @goodtrip

ID 212282

Sebastian Deterding

An aspiring architect in the cathedral of human understanding. Researcher & designer working on UX, games, gameful, playful and persuasive design.

ID 502288

Hosam Yousef

CEO of Colorgeek .. Art Director .. UI Designer

ID 48089

Emanuel Heinstein

Founder of social music startup, Syncofy™. Music industry professional, entrepreneur. Worked for WEA, Apple, MTV, Sony ATV and others...

ID 54903

John Grøtting

CEO and founder; combination of design, strategy and technical knowledge with over 20 years experience leading UX for top digital agencies in US and Germany.

ID 91327

Ivo Naske

Industrial Product Design (BE) student at Fontys in Netherlands with a minor in Entrepreneurship at Sussex University in GB. Son of Entrepreneurial parents.

ID 209576

Daniel Kaesmacher

Co-founder & CMO of Lernstift, co-owner of Hamburg based ad agency, advertising merchant, conceptual copywriter (+10 years international brand experience)

ID 302563

Masood Safdarian


Worked at @stb-media • Investor @the-walt-disney-company, @pixar-animation-studios • Studied at @school-of-visual-arts

ID 187842

Aki Fukai

fulltime freelance interaction & UX designer undressing ideas, websites and businesses to build beautiful and useful digital experiences.

ID 94005

Davide Milidolo Ragusa

Neo-graduated with emphasis of Advertising and Mass Media. Worked at Credem Bank, MaxMara Fashion Group and @stipple. Interested in graphics and gamification.

ID 215253

Lennart Lott

Entrepreneur - Developer - Designer

ID 285246

Ninnaya Nilamann

An experienced digital designer & realiable teamworker who creates beautiful and functional UI. Loves new challenges and spending time polishing small details.

ID 120498


Chief Driver & co-founder at taxishare. Walk the talk.

ID 29738

Louise Campbell

UX Research & Design

ID 233977

Jan Schwarzenberger

Love for great products & design!

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