Hamburg Startups List

Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in Hamburg.

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ID 806921

Heiner Wacks

Entrepreneur, Ex-Airbnb, WunderCar and Bosch Operations Manager, Electronic Musician, Lemon Icecream Addict.

ID 355990

Felix Leonhardt

Founder in the consumer-goods industry with food products.

ID 204420

Jan Kube

Founder @fibooo-1 • loves accounting and coding • Worked at, TC Trustcenter, IMP (Tomorrow Focus), Lyreco

ID 455252

Nico Scagliarini

Dynamic, Multilingual, Traveller, Multitasking

ID 591842

Dane Lamendola II

ID 694500

Balazs Bodoni

Strong working knowledge of renewables, strategy development, PM, analytics. Exceptional business background (sales, BPM, consulting, quality).MIT + AU MSc/MBA.

ID 552225

Mikula Jung

WHU Master Student in Business & Law, semester in St. Gallen, New York, Stellenbosch. Business background at BCG, etc. Leadership experience inconsulting clubs.

ID 649747

Sebastian Vorberg

Health Law

ID 285418

Vlad Christoff

Co-founder & CEO @motobidia, Head of Product & Operations @ngp-van-inc Automotive, eCommerce, SaaS, mobile, big data & CRM.

ID 775013

Rémi Rousseau-Delévaux

ESCP Europe (French business School, Master in Management), first experience for the Start-Up Shoutr in Berlin and now doing an internship at Société Générale

ID 495579

Olivier Elamine

CEO of alstria a German office property company listed in Frankfurt. Tech enthusiaste

ID 592536

Andreas Ernst

Worked at @holcim, @swissport • Studied at @zurich-university-of-applied-sciences-zhaw

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